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After Development: Communication in Public-Private Partnerships for the Attainment of Millennium Development Goal 2 — Achieving Universal Primary Education. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Magdaraog, S.R. and Velasco, A.L. (2011). 2015 AD

This study explored the effectiveness of Department of Education’s Adopt-A-School Program in providing educational assistance supportive of Millennium Development Goal 2 – Achieving Universal Primary Education. Specifically, this research focused on the characteristics, design, implementation, monitoring and communication strategies of three select partnership projects of Adopt-A-School, namely, SMART Schools, CommuniTeach and Bayanihang Pampaaralan.

Employing a qualitative approach to the study, focus interviews with representatives of Department of Education, Smart Communications Inc., and Philippine Business for Social Progress of the 57-75 Consortium, show that the projects utilize the private sector’s respective core business competency as its education initiative for Adopt-A-School Program. The projects operate on models of partnership, hence the areas of strength of Smart Schools Program as Technology Support intervention, CommuniTeach as Learning Support intervention, and Bayanihang Pampaaralan as Infrastructure intervention, differ in terms of assessing its effectiveness using the key targets of MDG2. Overall, the projects comprehensively contribute to the attainment of MDG2.

Communication’s role in building support, establishing dynamic inter-sector communication, sustaining partnerships and maintaining mutual cooperation is very significant and central to achieving effective partnerships. Department of Education, Smart Communications Inc. and Philippine Business for Social Progress maintain good partnership relations, and on a self-assessed evaluation of their partnership, Department of Education and Smart believe that they are highly capable of partnering with other organizations, anchored in their high levels of competence, commitment and potential for project sustainability.

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Subject Index : Education, Primary--Aims and Objectives--Philippines

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