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This study explores the ideologies embedded in the websites and TV advertisements of the social advocacy campaigns I am Ninoy and Ako Mismo. Further, it determines the interplay between the discourses of these advocacies and their sociopolitical context. A critical reading of these discourses was carried out using the critical discourse analysis (CDA) method and was grounded on semiotic, linguistic and critical theories. The socio-political context in which these media texts were produced was considered in the analysis of the discourses of I am Ninoy and Ako Mismo. Results showed that these websites and advertisements were promoting “slacktivism”. Furthermore, it was also found out that the advocacies were being commodified as participation and activism were reduced to mere purchase of campaign merchandise. Ultimately, these media texts were simply reproducing current dominant social ideologies in the country such as elitism and commercialism.

Alba, A.C. & Doctolero, M.B. (2010). A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Websites and TV Advertisements of I am Ninoy and Ako Mismo, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

View Thesis in flipbook: I am Ninoy and Ako Mismo (UP Webmail Account required)

Subject Index: Advocacy Advertising--Philippines, Political campaigns--Philippines, Presidents--Election, Social advocacy, Web portals

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