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Title: A Study on the Effectiveness of the Editorial Cartoons of the Philippine Collegian

Author: Juan Miguel Ala-Tolentino, B.A. Journalism, U.P. College of Mass Communication

Abstract: This study examines the effectiveness of the editorial cartoons in the Philippine Collegian, the official student publication of the University of the Philippines Diliman, focusing on the perception of the readers of the publication.

The research was guided by two theories, Grice’s (1981) conversational implicature theory and Fisher’s (1989) narrative paradigm theory, and supported by the concepts of the elements (Jimoh, 2010) and functions (De Sousa and Medhurst, 1982) of editorial cartoons.

The editorial cartoons studied were taken from Collegian issues from the school year 2014-2015, during which the research was conducted. To gather pertinent data, the researcher employed two methods: surveys within a sample limited to current first-year students (to ensure that the sample will be students who have a fresh perspective on the publication and its editorial cartoons), and focused interviews with the editor-in-chief, the graphics editor, and one of the illustrators of the publication.

Key Words: editorial cartoons, effectiveness, Philippine Collegian, student publications, alternative journalism, media

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