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Title: Arugang Salu-salo, Para Kay Lola't Lolo: Intergenerational Solidarity in Elderly Care As Discussed Within Filipino Families from Selected Cities of Metro Manila

Abstract: Osido, F. C. B. and Pantaleon, M. G. T. (2015). Arugang Salu-Salo, Para Kay Lola’t Lolo: Intergenerational Solidarity in Elderly Care As Discussed Within Filipino Families from Selected Cities of Metro Manila, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

This thesis looks at how elderly grandparent care is discussed and carried out within multigenerational families from selected cities of Metro Manila, namely Quezon City, Muntinlupa City, and Pasig City. The elderly have been known to be a domestic concern, given our culture of filial piety, wherein younger generations have the responsibility of taking care of the elderly. Another factor is the insufficiency of government provisions and benefits for the elderly. Using Bengtson’s intergenerational solidarity paradigm, we wanted to discover the positive family dynamics behind elderly grandparent care. Using the focus interview method, we looked at the family’s daily routine, bonding activities, relationship closeness, perceptions of elderly care and what care they provided, and the degree of participation of the elderly grandparent in carrying out this said care. Based on our findings, elderly care is a complex concept that goes beyond the process as it involves several components. Planning for care was also done spontaneously and only when needed, and we found that there is interplay between the concern of the family carrying out the care and the elderly still wanting to be independent of their family members’ care while they are still capable of doing things on their own. This relationship illustrates a paradox that is meant to be balanced and managed between both concerned groups.

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Key Words: Intergenerational Solidarity, Elderly Care, Family, Family Communication, Grandparents, Intergenerational Communication

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