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Bag It: A comparative analysis on the implementation of the plastic bag ban ordinances in Muntinlupa and Quezon cities


The study examines the implementation of the plastic bag ban ordinances in Muntinlupa and Quezon cities. The flooding during typhoon Ondoy has highlighted the pervasive amount of plastic wastes which blocked drainage and waterways, and thus prompted Muntinlupa and Quezon City to be among the first cities in Metro Manila to pass the plastic bag ban policy. Despite the same rationale, the two LGUS used different features and strategies in the ordinances.

The difference in approach resulted in varying problems for Muntinlupa and Quezon cities. Muntinlupa, which decided on a total ban on plastic bags in 2011, faced the dilemma of having ballooning waste generation in the city. The increase was attributed to the excessive use of paper bags which have replaced the plastic wastes after the ban.

On the other hand, Quezon City opted only for a regulation and allowed consumers to avail thick plastic bags for P2. The P2 was pooled into a Green Fund to be used on environmental projects. The lack of initial guidelines and audit on the use of the Green Fund resulted in the problem of proper allocation of the fund and keeping track of the projects which emerged from the Green Fund.

Dasal, J.M.M. & Mostrales, T.K.I. (2015). Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Keywords: Plastic Bag Ban, LGU Ordinance, Policy Analysis, Plastic Bag

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