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Bitiw is about JM, a young physical therapist, who suffered a vehicular accident a year ago wherein he lost his best friend. He is then faced with the revelation that he has been unknowingly treating the hit and run drunk driver who collided with him that night. It is about the exhaustive journey of grief and guilt and how it all leads to a choice. In the end, he begins to show signs of acceptance as he momentarily sets antagonism aside and talks to the only person who can help him understand and eventually recover – his patient.

The film is psychological in nature and explores internal struggles centered on the dynamics of a car accident. Bitiw borrows tenets of psychoanalytic theory, like defense mechanisms, and Goffman’s Frame Analysis while exemplifying the existence of perspective, degree and choice in acceptance and letting go.

Delos Santos, J.M.T. (2012). Bitiw, Unpublished Student Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Key Words: Guilt, Grief, Car Accident, Frame Analysis, Defense Mechanisms

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