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CERUMENTRIC is a one-man synthrock band, specifically Erick A. Fabian Sr. tinkering with synthesizers, rock beats, computers, samplers, melodicas, recorders, circuit-bent toys, and ecstatic otherworldly swirls, to create epic pop songs that can make you dance and think at the same time.

He has performed in large venues, DIY underground shows, music bars, restaurants, thrift bookstores, film showings, living room concerts, garages and even college classrooms and has taken part in events such as Synthicide, Bob Dylan Night At Conspiracy, Rock 'N Rhythm Nite, 100 Shows For Haiti, Happy Mondays At Conspiracy, DLSU Arts Congress, Subkulture's Eternal Death Wake, A*FEST and Ignite Manila.

Visit Cerumentric's Facebook account or visit his Youtube Channel for more information.

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