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This study sought to examine some gratifications and socio-economic factors affecting tabloid readership and discover the ways on how firms of selected Philippine tabloids manage themselves effectively, so the tabloids could gain or sustain a foothold on the print industry. His/her beliefs and evaluation affects the person’s patronage of tabloids, while social penetration (Littlejohn, 2008) is primarily the work of the print medium.

This study utilized both qualitative and quantitative methods in obtaining data, and was composed of two phases, the descriptive part and the exploratory part. The descriptive part sought to discover what content is being wanted by the tabloid readers, while the exploratory part sought to explore the various general business strategies tabloid firms employ in order to stay in the competition.

This study discovered that among the four tabloids, Bulgar was the most dominant tabloid, followed by Abante, People’s Journal, and Tempo. The respondents usually read tabloids two to three times a week. News is the most preferred tabloid section.

The firms of Bulgar and People’s Journal were examined through focused interviews. In terms of business strategies, there are little specific strategies being implemented. It boils down to the practical techniques, such as having good relationships with the dealers.

Misagal, M. (2012). Complementing content choice with business strategies for the effective management of Philippine daily tabloids, Unpublished thesis, University of the Philippines-Diliman.

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