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This study assessed the current status of the technology beat in the Philippines as evidenced by its interaction with the Philippine technology sector. Stories on technology have become increasingly relevant especially in today’s digital age, although in the local setting, the technology beat has yet to establish secure footing in Philippine journalism. Little has been done to quantify what the technology beat is, therefore the researchers felt there was still a need to look deeper into the beat and the factors that define it. The study employed a non-linear systemic model and was based on the Westley-Maclean Model of Communication. The study was concerned with the technology beat in terms of the local print and online media coverage of the different industries that make up the Philippine technology sector. In-depth interviews with technology reporters and editors, as well as representatives from different participant corporations in the local technology scene were interviewed over a period of two months. Both the technology corporations and the writers under the technology beat view the beat as thriving, while maintaining that there is still room for growth especially in terms of target audiences, writing techniques, and ethics.

Gomez, A., & Palacios, N. (2012). Coverage of the Philippine Technology Sector: Status, Problems, and Prospects of the Technology Beat in the Philippines, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

View thesis: File:Coverage of the Philippine Technology Sector.pdf

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