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San Jose, J.R.A. (2016). Cubicle, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Cubicle is a film about the story of Max and how he devised a plan to make a coworker, Clara, resign upon the order of his boss. Max built a relationship with Clara and eventually became successful with his plan. Max reflected on what he did and about his current situation as a pathetic loser. He left the company and followed his passion. Max and Clara met in the end with a renewed sense of confidence and true happiness. The film inspires people to follow their dreams even if they feel old and stuck in a job. One experience might come to finally push us to that direction even if it’s a bad one. The framework is based on post-structuralism and how an idea of going against societal standards is fine. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to get stuck in a thing we don’t like just because it’s the norm. We should all have the chance to be happy and do the things we love.

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