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A successful internship application may require you to

  • write a good resume and be prepared to elaborate on information it contains relating to the internship.
  • prepare well for the interview.
  • highlight relevant personal qualities.
  • try to have a good work ethic
  • read and understand the matters raised at
  • demonstrate depth of technical knowledge (e.g., programming in a particular language, multimedia artistry using your favorite graphic or video app). Having an online portfolio is an advantage.
  • for programming interns, show clarity and effectiveness in your programming logic using your favorite programming language.

Stint at DILC

You can make the most out of DILC internship if you

For Everybody

  • try to develop your social skills, especially with regard to the use of DILC common spaces and in observing basic courtesies.
  • If you live far from the UP campus, consider looking for a place nearby.
  • What powers you? Definitely not the money. How about the applause?

For Programmers

  • try to acquire collaboration skills via platforms like Git. DILC uses its own Git server.
  • learn Linux. Favorite flavors of Linux in the Program include Mint and Ubuntu.
  • realize that saying "nagwo-work naman sa localhost, ah!" (it works in the localhost!) is not good enough, unless your localhost is a machine that's technically the same as the production server.
  • learn to work using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • you'll get used to breaking down a project into time-specific milestones and deliverables. DILC uses its own online project management platform.

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