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D Osom 2 is a cute, heartwarming story of young siblings Masi and Maya. It tells about Masi, whose childhood experience drastically changed his simple and hopeful perception of the world. He uses his vivid imagination as his coping mechanism to the longing and worry he feels brought by the uncertainty of where their parents are. Their parents went to a medical mission and cannot be found after. He shares this story to his younger sister Maya to comfort her from the same feeling he has towards their family’s circumstance.

Masi creates this superhero story where their parents are the lead superheroes fighting against the “Bad Mamaws” in the land which he named “Kaboomlandia.” He labelled the awesome tandem of their superhero parents as “D Osom 2.”

Perez, C. M. V. (2011). D Osom 2, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Keywords: Children's Narrative, Longing, Fantasy
View Thesis: D Osom 2

Subject Index : Fantasy films--Philippines

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