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The Great Ideas Symposium - Student Research Edition aims to showcase students' research projects on a fun and engaging platform. It seeks to enhance the University's research culture by encouraging student participation in the evaluation of research as a learning experience.

Selection Rules

The top 5 student speakers shall be chosen with these rules:

  1. Anyone with a UP Webmail account can submit a 100-word abstract of a research for consideration.
  2. The principal investigator of the research must currently be enrolled as an undergraduate at the University of the Philippines Diliman.
  3. One may vote for a maximum of five (5) abstracts.
  4. One may submit only one abstract.
  5. A maximum of two (2) Symposium speakers can come from the same academic cluster.
  6. Only one of the 5 speakers can come from the same department or college. The number of nominations from the same department or college may, however, be more than one.

These rules are currently undergoing revisions. Please check back for the final set of rules that governs the Great Ideas Symposium - Student Research Edition.


The Symposium is part of the Great Ideas dot PH Project. The Project is now accepting proposals from UP student organizations for partnership in producing the Symposium. Email your proposal to

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