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You may archive huge media files (ex: film thesis) on Obletorr, provided you own the copyright of these files that are downloadable within Dilnet only (for now). Here's how:

  • Step 1: Using your favorite bittorrent client, create a .torrent file by
    • selecting a file that you want to share and
    • adding the ff torrent trackers:

Please write the appropriate description of the file you are sharing.

(If you have no bittorrent client yet, download Transmission or µTorrent.)

  • Step 2: Connecting via Dilnet, open the resulting .torrent file, using your torrent client.

  • Step 3: From Dilnet, upload and share your file with a permanent DILC seeder by doing the following:
    • sending the resulting .torrent file to
    • uploading the resulting .torrent file to
    • seeding the file until at least 1 DILC server has a complete copy of it

Shortcut to this page:



  • On Dilnet, make a bypass-proxy setting for and
  • If you want your film to be downloadable from networks other than Dilnet, please inform
  • This torrent file archiving service is provided by DILC on a "best efforts" basis. Owners of files are advised to have their own backup.

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