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Identity Crisis: An Investigative Study on the State of Public Science High Schools in the National Capital Region

This study investigates the state of the 13 public science high schools in the National Capital Region. By examining the current state of public science high schools within the DepEd system, the study traced the roots and the different contexts where they currently exist. These schools are classified by the Department of Education as regular science high schools because of the nature of creation, the lack of pre-foundation prescription with DepEd, resulting to lapses in monitoring. Analysis of curriculum, instruction, funding, and performance of the schools visa- vis leadership and efforts of key institutions reveals that their goals all lead to global competitiveness. The underlying issues, however, are whether these goals being met. The study also situates the public science high schools in a larger picture: how the lack of national roadmap and policies for research, development, and industrialization becomes the greatest obstacle to a fully-developed science and mathematics education in the country.

Key Words: Science High Schools, Science and Mathematics Education, Science and Technology

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