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Institute of Civil Engineering

CE Mission. An internationally recognized civil engineering institution in instruction, research and extension service.

CE Vision. To achieve a culture of academic excellence, technological proficiency, and social relevance in instruction research and extension service.

Department Profile. Civil Engineering is a branch of engineering involved in the conceptualization, planning, design, construction and operation of systems, facilities and infrastructures needed for maintaining and supporting modern civilization. Anyone electing to study in this profession will find ample opportunity to render service to humanity and to his country; and to meet challenging and unique engineering problems. The undergraduate curriculum of the Institute of Civil engineering is designed to give the graduate a balanced education in the specialized areas of Civil Engineering (Construction Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Structural Engineering and Water Resources Engineering) as well as in the social sciences and humanities - a recognition that technical solutions in civil engineering problems must often consider the socio-economic, legal, political and environmental aspects. Students electing to enter the graduate program study, in coordination with their academic adviser, designed to give them a more in-depth understanding and training in their selected area of specialization.


9818500 local 3116 - Admin Office
9818500 local 3185/3186 - Faculty room
9818500 local 3182/ 3181 (fax)
Guard: 3183

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