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It’s (Not) About the Money, Money, Money : A Study on the Community Press and Central Luzon’s Economic Development


Guiang, A., & Lacson, D. (2017). It’s (Not) About the Money, Money, Money : A Study on the Community Press and Central Luzon’s Economic Development. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Media institutions, like community newspapers which have close links to the community, reflect the conditions of the society in which they operate that is along with is growth, community newspapers go along. Studies have shown how the economic conditions of the area can make or break a newspaper because of its production dependence on materials of production such as technology, transportation, raw materials and advertising revenues. This thesis examines the effect of the economic development of Central Luzon to its community newspapers by interviewing journalists, publishers, owners and marketing managers of 11 community newspapers currently operating in the region. Interviews with stakeholders like Philippine Information Agency, Pampanga Press Club and Bataan Press Club were also conducted. Community newspapers in the region are affected by the region’s progress through advertisement revenue due to the increasing number of businesses. However, aside from advertisements revenue, economic growth in Central Luzon has minimal positive effect on the newspaper’s circulation, frequency and the paper’s number of staff and pages.

Keywords: Community Newspapers, Central Luzon, Economic Development

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