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Job Title: Programmer and IT personnel


 Maintains and develops web and mobile services

 Helps in the tutoring, training and/or mentoring of IT- as well as multi-media-related services,

facilities and/or equipment

 Works closely with the team by accomplishing related tasks as needed


 Reviews and debugs programs

 Develops and upgrades web and mobile services

 Prepares and/or contributes to project work flow and/or process diagram as well as references

and technical documentation of program development, maintenance, upgrading and other

related tasks

 Establishes and evaluates programs by conducting testing and deployment

 Ensures operation of web and mobile services by following protocols, conducting trouble

shooting and/or assessment functions, and evaluation and/or research for

updating/development/expansion of facilities and methods

 Maintains and protects confidentiality of products, services and information

 Helps in the tutoring and/or training related to web and mobile services

 Helps in the teaching and/or mentoring of interns and/or researchers and assistants

 Maintains professional and technical knowledge through attendance in relevant professional

workshops, seminars and trainings

 Collaborate with other programmers and/or IT personnel

 Interact with staff from other offices and/or organizations

 Consults with and reports directly to the immediate supervisor and/or director


 Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or equivalent fields/degrees

and/or practical experience

 At least 1 year experience of work related to IT and programming

 Experience in Moodle development and maintenance

 Experience in Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, JQuery, MySQL and PHP

Other requirements and merits

 Familiarity in Linux (Ubuntu) operating system

 Proficient in mobile application development using Android SDK, Apple app development

(Xcode), Phonegap (cross-platform), and other platforms

 Has knowledge in using Git or other version control tools

 Experience in developing and handling RESTFul APIs

Personal Skills

 Ability to work in a fast-paced, multi-project and dynamic environment

 Work mobility, i.e., can work outside the physical office and/or office hours

 Ability to communicate well and positively interact with others

For applicants, email CV at or contact (632) 920 9556


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