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Band members

Eric Verdolaga - Vocals, Rhythm guitar
Angelo Gabriel - Lead guitar
Edzcel Neria - Drums
Mon Macariola - Bass


Hard Rock / Progressive Rock / Alternative


Armed with harmonizing riffs, occasionally syncopated beats, and (sometimes not so) aggressive vocals, the band has been keen in slowly developing their own signature sound.

The four band members met for the first time in the space freighter ship Jubbakill when the rebellion forces met and consolidated under the leadership of Col. Titanius "Tits" McMuffin and Daryll the Rock Icon and the 12-inch Assassin the Great Prophecy foretold. In celebration of the event, the four united, named themselves after the freighter ship and the rebellion, and vowed to document the history and the struggles of the Jubbakill rebellion against the totalitarian rule of the Supreme Overlord Cockmongler through their music and songs.

Jubbakill was formed in 2011 out of the UP Music Circle by Kenneth Castillo and Eric Verdolaga. The band has faced a lot of lineup changes since its formation back in 2011.

Contact Details

Eric Verdolaga - 09176202560
Facebook Fanpage

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