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Band members

  • Rya Petines (Vocals)
  • Gito Villegas (Lead Guitar)
  • Mappy Quintos (Bass/ Vocals)
  • EJ Gatdula (Key Boards)
  • Justin Dela Cruz (Drums)


Pinoy Soul/ Blues/ Jazz Fussion


You win some, and you win some more. That's how we all want it to be. Kapnobatai. You can fly if you want it badly enough. Trying to understand everything about everything is exhausting. You can reach that point when patience reaches it end, but instead of an explosion, you realize that sometimes, all you have to say is, "That's your problem, not mine." Side step and dance through those potholes and speed bumps along the road to wherever you're going. Let go. Kapanobatai. Learn to walk on clouds. Dance. Your feet want to move, those hips want to sway. The beat gets beneath your wings. And you know you deserve better than what you've settled for. An extra dose of self- worth, sprinkled with just a hint of confidence to boost an already perfect being. We know that sometimes all you need is a playful nudge to help you remember that you are worth the world and so much more.

Contact Details

Management Dogtown Studios

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