Leave a Legacy. Contribute to Iskwiki.

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I am delighted to see that the Diliman Interactive Learning Center (DILC) launched an important online service called iskWiki!. iskWiki! is UP's attempt to build its own knowledge base. It is UP's online encyclopedia, catalog, dictionary, almanac and many more--all in one site. 

In a sense, the Internet itself (or at least a good part of it) is one colossal wiki: people from diverse backgrounds, with varying intentions, contribute or exchange materials which the potential audience may find useful. By far the most successful of all the wikis is the Wikipedia. But amidst questions about its accuracy and susceptibility to devious modification, perhaps having a wiki of our own--the UP iskWiki!--can help clarify matters that directly relate to the University. Through the iskwiki, we are given the opportunity to clarify, in cyberspace, misconceptions, inaccurate and incomplete information about the University. Because it is written by the UP community itself, it is expected to give a more accurate description of the University.

Modernization is not just about the acquisition of new computers and facilities. It is not just about having modern buildings. It is also about being open to new ideas and new ways of finding answers to questions. Iskwiki is UP's way of facilitating that access to knowledge on which new ideas and solutions may be based.

I call on all the members of the UP community to help put up the Iskwiki --- as writers, as editors, as fact-checkers, as photographers, as illustrators. 

Congratulations to the DILC on the launching of iskWiki!