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logBank is a central repository of security, personnel, and building activity logs at DILC. It features analytics and tools for administrators and staff to help them carry out their office roles.


Key Features

  • daily time records (DTR) of staff members via biometric logs
  • visitors' log
  • security guard's report
  • security routine instructions
  • live analytics (as opposed to retrospective inspection and analysis of logs)


individual dashboard and authorized viewer of logs.


  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • biometric (finger print reader)
  • bar-code scanner
  • QR code reader
  • RFID reader

Development Team

  • Joewin Crisostomo - Intern
  • Tristan Jake Alcantara - Intern
  • Ma. Cristina Dalupan
  • Daniel Villareal

To Dos

  • Office Timeline - viewable by office head; activities in a day; consolidation of staff logs and guard reports
  • Staff Personal Timeline - office activities in a week; running summary of hours; activity reports from DTR and guard report.

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