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Word: Tuklas Tunog

Category: musical instruments

Ethno-linguistic group/ Language: Tag

General Description: a set of melodic and percussive wood and bamboo instruments that intended to help school children explore the basic elements of music and performance practice; conceptualized by Chino Toledo and manufactured by Victor Toledo’s Bamboo Music Center; instruments include: gabang( instrument which consists of bamboo blades in natural scale in C or in mixed-scale), individual keyboard (from C to E), pitong kawayan (bamboo flute), kalog-kalog na kawayan (bamboo castanets), sageypo (bamboo resonators, C-D-E), diwdiw-as (bamboo panpipe), samu’t saring teklado (keys), katok-teklado (select from any keys), wood blocks, matraka (2 wood blocks crossing each other), 10 mallets with rubber support, 2 mallets without rubber support, and a box container where everything is placed and may also be used as stage for puppet show production).

General Playing Technique: differs from each instrument used

Musical Function: music learning/ music education; performance; entertainment

Playing Circumstance: performance

Source: Pangkat Kawayan

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