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This study evaluates how late-night newscasts use social media content in their broadcasts. The researcher monitored the weeknight episodes of TV5’s Pilipinas News and ABS-CBN’s Bandila from April to June 2013, taking note of the instances of social media content used in news stories. Each story was classified according to theme, in order to find out which kind of stories most often included social media content, which were novelty (59%), humor (21%), entertainment (16%), current events (13%) and human interest (7%).

Interviews with people behind the production of both programs revealed that the use of social media content in the newscast was an attempt to appeal to a younger audience, and that it also helped involve the viewers more. They also said that it was not much different from traditional newsgathering. Resource person Prof. Danilo Arao, however, believes that social media content should only serve as a complementary tool in the news, and that its use must be done with utmost care.

A survey of 101 respondents was also conducted on their opinion of the use of social media content in the news. They lauded its use as a gauge of public opinion, but not those that were more entertainment-centered.

Subingsubing, A.R.L. (2014). Man-on-the-Tweet: Evaluating the gatekeeping process in the use of social media content in late-night newscasts Bandila and Pilipinas News from April to June 2013, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Keywords: Social Media, Broadcast News, Late-Night Newscasts, Bandila, Pilipinas News

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