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Abstract Yadao, J. M. (2017). Parent-ship Partnership: Negotiations of Cohabiting Solo Parents and Grandparents on Child Discipline, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

This study explores the dynamics of the solo parent and grandparent relationship in the context of child discipline. It examines how parental negotiations impact the relationship of the dyad. In the Philippines, the existence of various economic and financial factors, along with strong kinship relational background, lead to a heightened role for the extended family. In particular, support of grandparents in solo parent families extends from domestic tasks and child-rearing into important decision-making that often leads to a process of co-parenting. From this co-parenting partnership, constant recalibration in the relationship of the two occurs. Springing from negotiations on child discipline, the process of recalibration could lead into disagreements. To examine these disagreements, this research analyzes the characterization of the solo parent and the grandparent, the creation of tensions and the process of negotiation engaged by the two parental figures. It was found that the relationship of the solo parent and the grandparent revolved around the child. The negotiations became an avenue for compromise and adjustment, hereby leading to a more positive and open relationship between the solo parent and the grandparent.

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