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Peace of (Mind)anaoans:
The concept of peace amongst Mindanaoans and Mindanaoan emigrants to Manila and their reception to social development campaigns

Daño, M., & Lizardo A.V. (2011). Peace of Mindanaoans: The concept of peace amongst Mindanaoans and Mindanaoan emigrants to Manila and their reception to social development campaigns. Unpublished Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

This thesis examines the concept of Peace of Mindanaoans in Mindanao and Mindanaoan emigrants in Manila and how it affects their reception to social development programs (SDPs) of the government. The research was done through qualitative and quantitative approaches which include a survey of 203 respondents, three (3) focus group discussions in Bukidnon, Davao and Manila and analysis of three (3) daily journals or diaries from Agusan Sur, Davao and Manila.

The findings show that the concept of peace is related to: 1) feeling of happiness, progress or development in the community for Mindanaoans in Mindanao; and 2) maintaining a good relationship with family and loved ones for Mindanaoans in Manila. The study revealed that the perceived individualist usage of peace by being happy translates to a more tangible collectivist usage of peace through development. The participants from Manila are more participative than the Mindanaoans in Mindanao to SDPs aside from poverty-related ones. Emotion, a common factor that contributes to the concept of peace, affects the reception of respondents to social development programs. Analysis show that careful consideration must be exerted in understanding Mindanaoans’ concept of Peace for it significantly affects the success or failure of the social development programs in terms of the people’s reception and eventual participation.

Key words:
concept of peace, reception to social development programs, progress, happiness, development, Mindanao, emigrants

Subject Index : Peace, Mindanao Island (Philippines)

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