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There are many levels on which security is (or can be) implemented on iskWiki.

  1. Login. Only people with UP Webmail accounts can create or modify pages on iskWiki.
  2. A page of interest can be monitored using iskWiki's "Watch" feature.
  3. Information on every change and "who did what" is recorded in the page's history.
  4. Every time a page is modified, it is "observed" under the Recent changes page.
  5. An important page can be protected by iskWiki's administrators.
  6. Before archiving a document on iskWiki, it can be formatted without cut-and-paste, printing, or download option (using free applications like Open Office, PDFCreator, PrimoPDF, PDF Printer, Codebox or non-free programs like Macromedia Flashpaper). Strictly speaking, however, restricted formats are less about computer network security than about content sharing or licensing policies.
  7. A page can be "prefixed" so that the owner or owners of the document can restrict its access and edit rights.
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