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DILC Vodcasts

Social Sciences

In July 2007 Social Science 2 Online Lecture which was developed through the team effort of the Department of Political Science, CSSP, Multimedia Center, UPOU and DILC was awarded as the Washington SyCip Best Instructional Material.

Title Author/s
Classical Liberal Political Economy de Dios, Emmanuel
Political Obligation and Legitimacy: Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau Hernandez, Carolina
Machiavelli and the Rise of Political Realism Nemenzo, Francisco
Medieval Political Thought: St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas Casambre, Athena Lydia
Greek Legacy to Critical Thinking Miranda, Felipe
Marxism in Our Time Nemenzo, Francisco
Current Debates in the Social Sciences David, Randy
Rise of Positivism and the Seeds of Social Constructivism in the Social Sciences: Durkheim and Weber Banzon-Bautista, Ma. Cynthia Rose
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