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Orejana, A.J.R. (2017). The State of Visual Effects in Local Primetime TV: A comparative textual analysis of the visual effects in Encantadia (2005) and its 2016 reboot, Unpublished Undergraduate Dissertation, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

This study explores the current state of visual effects in local primetime TV by analyzing how the visual effects seen in the 2016 Encantadia differ with those seen in its original version that aired in 2005.

Through comparative textual analysis, I first draw out all the visual effects seen in some episodes of both shows. I then compare and contrast each show‟s visual effects landscape and analyze the factors that make one simulation better than the other. Lastly, I provide a descriptive analysis of how the changes illustrate the current state of visual effects in local primetime TV.

All in all, I scrutinize these images with the guidance of Jean Baudrillard‟s theory of hyperreality. In the end, my findings reveal that the current state of visual effects in local primetime TV has immensely improved through the years by employing better deceiving techniques, but has yet reached the point of simulating a totally hyperreal imagined world.

Keywords: Visual Effects, Encantadia, Hyperreality, Technology, New Media

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