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This is Who You Are: Constructing the Filipino Millennial Character in Selected Smart Online Videos

Sayat, C. D. A. L. (2017). This is who you are: Constructing the Filipino millennial character in selected Smart online videos. Unpublished Undergraduate Dissertation, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Generations are not naturally existing groups, but rather, are discursively created entities. I study in this work the concept of mediated generationalism, specifically looking at how advertisers define, frame, and impose the concept of the Filipino millennial character. I first survey the works of Mannheim (1952) and Bourdieu (1993) to gain an understanding of how generations are constructed as concrete social groups which I use in the context of generationalism, described by Purhonen (2016) as perceiving generations as ‘ready-made’ entities. Using purposively sampled texts from the online pages of Smart Communications, Inc., I look at how the Filipino millennial is constructed through three dimensions: the conceptualization of temporal distance as in the portrayal of the dichotomy between the young and the old, proximity as in the motivation and ideologies of a group, and location, defined as shared history, spaces, and experiences. As with Aboim and Vasconcelos (2013), I argue that the characterization of generations is discursively mobilized to create the myth of the Filipino millennial which Barthes (2009 [1973]) characterizes as an imposition and a simplification.

Keywords: generations, Filipino millennials, advertising, marketing

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