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  • If you're just passing through the UP Campus or if you don't have any business with the University, you're probably better off skipping the area, especially during rush hours during school days (Tuesdays-Fridays).
  • Entrance and exit through certain gates require the UP ID. So if you're new to the area, you might consider not passing through the UP campus.
  • The UP is a pedestrian-privileged area. Joggers and bikers also use the UP roads. So be courteous to non-motorized and pedestrian traffic, especially at UP.
  • The Academic Oval is one-way. Only two lanes are left for vehicular traffic. It might help if you'll avoid it and use roads outside the area, especially during rush hours during school days.
  • If you're picking up someone from one of the academic buildings near the Academic Oval, you should park your vehicle on one of the designated parking lots, not on the narrow road left for the one-way traffic scheme at the Oval.

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