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Organization Profile & History

The University of the Philippines Arirang is a socio-cultural organization composed of students from any course in the University of the Philippines. It is a university-based and university-wide organization.

UP Arirang was born on July 16, 2006. It was formed in order to respond to the growing number of Korean students in UP and the Filipino students who are interested in Korean language and culture.

Two students from the Korean 10 class, Xandi Eleazar and Inero Ancho, thought of making an organization that can help the Korean Exchange students in UP to adapt to the Philippine lifestyle and environment. They were joined by the Korean exchange students in UP who resided in the International Center, namely Kim Seung-su from KUT, Lee Hwa-young and Moon Sun-hee from Hannam University. Other Korean founding-members were from Hallym University.


• To promote cultural understanding among Filipino and Korean students attending the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

• To provide venues and opportunities for Filipino students interested in Korean Language and culture.

• To give assistance to Korean students as they adjust to student life in the Philippines, while upholding the Filipino culture.

What is Arirang?

Arirang is the most popular Korean Folk song, both inside and outside of Korea. The word “arirang”, an ancient/native Korean word, is literally translated as “beautiful dear” (ari means beautiful, lovely, or charming; while rang means dear).

Arirang Lyrics:


Arirang, Arirang, Arariyo...

Arirang gogaero neomeoganda.

Nareul beorigo gasineun nimeun

Simnido motgaseo balbyeongnanda.


Arirang, Arirang, Arariyo...

I am crossing over Arirang Pass.

The man/woman who abandoned me [here]

Will not walk even ten li before his/her feet hurt.

Notes • The standard version of Arirang has 3 verses, although the 2nd and 3rd verses are not as frequently sung as the 1st verse.

• "Arariyo" has no meaning and simply helps the flow of the song.

• Ten li is equivalent to about 4 kilometers, or 2.5 miles.




Amiel K. Melosantos

Secretary General

Jose Paulo J. Cadano

Vice President for Cultural and Academic Affairs Committee

Mary Grace Louise g. Chavez

Vice President for External Affairs Committee

Victor Oliver L. Tabell

Vice President for Internal Affairs Committee

Gedis Ezrae Abigail C. Llanes

Vice President for Finance and Marketing Committee

Ninibeth Leanne V. Madrilejos

Vice President for Publicity Committee

Khareena D. Ribuca


Cultural and Academic Affairs Committee

Mary Grace Louise Chavez
Simon Dominic Agner
Christa Angeli Banaga
Jellah Murielle Jimenez
Katrisha Faye Pingol
Riel Jane Tanyag

External Affairs Committee

Victor Oliver Tabell
Alexis Brent Antigua
Ivy Baldazo
Czaremma April Burgos
Joy Christelle Cunanan
Arnelli Gabatin
Lia Anne Gonzalo
Rocella Marie Lacanlale
Jessene Mariano
Zara Irish Salome

Internal Affairs Committee

Gedis Ezrae Abigail Llanes
Maria Joy Capistrano
Jacquelyn Lourdes Coronado
Martha Antonette Hernandez
Kristina Rochelle Montalbo
Adeliene Eve Paraso

Finance and Marketing Committee

Ninibeth Leanne Madrilejos
Mary Abigail Contreras
Kathleen Kay Lentija
Romel Leoncio
Jennileen Manaloto
Arisa Salome Miranda
Nichole Anthony Pacle

Publicity Committee

Khareena Ribuca
Janine Capio
Jochelle Elysse Cayabyab
Fatima Merced de Leon
Leniniza dela Cruz
Meraiah Lee
Juene Cedric Vergel
Alyanna Janine Villa-Real


Korean Language Class or KLC

Teaching basic Korean Language the right way for free.

Koreans' English Class

Teaching the English Language to Exchange Students for free.

English Camp 2009

An overnight trip to the historical land of Bataan while learning English the fun way.

2PM: Time is Ticking~ Opinions and Consequences on the North Korean Missile Crisis 2009

Presented by UP ARIRANG with UP Political Society and Sanlakas Youth-UP Diliman

With speakers Prof. Dagdag of Asian Center and Rasti Delizo, an International Affairs Analyst.


A day for playing Filipino and Korean Games

ACLE 2009

An Alternative Class Learning Experience with UP ARIRANG! Watch Singijeon - The Divine Weapon


See Also


Facebook Page: Arirang and Friends


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