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UP Engineering Radio Guild

Established 1935
Category Academic Organization
Location Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute Tambayan Complex, University of the

Philippines, Diliman Quezon City, Philippines 1101

Faculty Adviser John Richard E. Hizon, Ph.D.
Motto We Connect
Executive Committee
A.Y. 2012-2013
President Reimark de Guzman
Executive Vice President Michael Alexis Ragudo
VP for Admission Recruitment and Membership John Lester Ocampo
VP for External Affairs Fritzie Louise Benzon
VP for Finance Gustav Brandon Cruz
VP for Internal Affairs Kristine Bantay
VP for Secretariat Christopher Obniala
VP for Sports and Leisure Kyle Christopher Melchor
VP for Technical and Academic Concerns Mark Lester Dumlao

The University of the Philippines Engineering Radio Guild (UP ERG) is a duly recognized organization based on the UP Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute. The organization currently has active members sharing the same vision of a united EEE community with the core values of excellence and service. They actively promote the holistic development of their members, being excellent not only in academics and problem-solving skills but also in people skills – a valuable quality of leaders. They exemplify service through various academic and social projects, further increasing the consciousness on the power of collective action in bringing positive change not only in the college but also in the country.

UP ERG also takes pride in its alumni who are now key players in the government, the academe, and the industry. The organization has now evolved from being an amateur radio station way back in 1935 to a full-pledged student organization. The UP ERG family continues to grow into a dynamic community with a thrust in building a bridge between the academe and the industry through projects like Dagitab Technofair and CarEEEr Talk.



Planting the seed

In 1935, a group of electrical engineer/radio enthusiasts led by Solon Mathew Dakis founded an amateur radio club in Florida Street, Manila. Realizing the need to establish outside university communication links, these young pioneers pushed for the acquisition of a license to put up a radio station known shortly after as KA1UP. And thus begins the life of the University of the Philippines Engineering Radio Guild (UP ERG).

Forming stems and leaves

In the year 1953, ERG found both a name and a home in the UP campus. Through the efforts of Mr. Javier Palaban of the Department of Electrical Engineering, it was officially granted its organization name. Its members assembled a transmitter-receiver set from old surplus equipment to be able to put up a campus radio station with the call sign DU1UP.

From then on, each year stood witness to how the UP ERG has expanded from an amateur radio guild to a full pledged departmental organization. It has sponsored lectures and seminars, participated and conducted sports and leisurely activities, and assisted other organizations in problems that were generally electric in nature.

From youthful stem to sturdy trunk

1963 paved the way for the UP ERG quiz show, the first ever annual event sponsored by the organization. The quiz show started as inter-departmental and later on evolved into an inter-university and inter-collegiate project in 1972.

Side-by-side with the expansion of the quiz show, the organization took pride in having the distinction of being the first departmental organization to establish a scholarship program, the first recipient being Romulado Adao. In conjunction with the scholarship program, a book foundation was also launched to supplement the reading needs of students and to keep them updated on the latest developments in power, electronics, computers, and the like.

Stunted growth

The organization suffered major financial and technical setbacks when the government declared martial law. This resulted in the cancellation of the DU1UP license, the confiscation of the radio station instruments, and a halt of its many activities. But the org demonstrated strength and resilience through the reawakening of the scholarship program and book foundation in the later part of 1973.

Branching out

The Department of Electrical Engineering underwent academic restructuring in 1994 adding new courses: Electronics and Communications Engineering and Computer Engineering. Revisions were then made in the organization’s constitution to accommodate students coming from these two courses. In the same year the org felt the need to represent itself and hence the birth of the new ERG logo (the former logo brandished a Bipolar Junction Transistor). The year 2000 was highlighted by the first ECE quiz show, a sponsored brand sale, and an on-campus concert. It was also in this year that UP ERG Los Baños chapter was created.

And growing new leaves

2004, ERG’s 69th year, was a fruitful one. It was on that year that the Dagitab Technofair and CarEEEr Talk was launched. ERG was crowned as the First Engineering Organization Excellence Awardee. ERG continued to blaze its trail of excellence as it celebrated its 70th year with a one-month booze of activities dubbed as “ERGxeLXXis: Familia, Historia, Gloria”. It was also in this year that the ERG Alumni Association was established and donated a 40-seater discussion room to the College of Engineering Library II, called the ERG Discussion Room. ERG also proved its worth and strength in the University that year as it became one of the top seven organizations comprising the UP Freshmen Orientation Program Committee, thus becoming a part of its Steering Committee. ERG became part of the Steering Committee for four years securing the Second Place in the FOPC 2006 and 2007 and Third Place in the FOPC 2008 under its belt.

On its 72nd year, ERG achieved another great feat. The organization garnered its highest finish in the Engineering Week, securing the Third Seat and is still on its way to the top. Once again, ERG experienced a moment of glory when it received another Engineering Organization Excellence Award. Two great years passed and the UP College of Engineering’s premiere organization once again proved its worth when it launched its newest event, Strikeout: Amateur Bowling Tournament, and its third Ultimate Frisbee Tournament, Catch: UFO Spotted.

On its 77th year with more achievements underway, the UP ERG family continues to grow, despite many impediments. Its roots continually dig deeper, its trunk emerges steadfast as ever and its leaves branch out wider to embrace each rising and setting of the sun. However varied its branches and leaves maybe, the same life-giving sap nurtures and flows through it.

UP ERG Members

The UP Engineering Radio Guild has 136 active members for the first semester of school year 2012 - 2013.

President - Reimark de Guzman

Executive Vice-President - Michael Alexis Ragudo

Admission Recruitment and Membership (ARM)

  • John Lester Ocampo

  • Anna Klarissa Abjelina

  • Czamartha Cabahug

  • Raphael Victor Canseco

  • Florianne Marie Castillo

  • Chris Gianni Cerdeño

  • Isidra Cruto

  • Miraquel de Guzman

  • John Paul Genciana

  • Glenn Ford Ilagan

  • Marl Dennis Javal

  • Mary Jane Madelo

  • Jose Marie Mendoza

  • Charmae Franchesca Mendoza

  • Patricia Ann Marie Ortiz

  • Yvan Pagdonsolan

  • Katreena Ramos

  • Angelica Joyce Ramos

  • Pauli Arielle Roa

  • Mikhaila Salvador

  • Anthony John Santos

  • Michael Benedict Virtucio

External Affairs (Exte)

  • Fritzie Louise Benzon

  • Sophia Gracia Agustin

  • Ruben Aldave Jr.

  • Christian Terence Almonte

  • Keziah Bartilad

  • Eula Frances Bugayong

  • Marrian Ching

  • Iris Grace Endozo

  • Hideo Enomoto

  • Czer Mari Esquejo

  • John Martin Rey Estrera

  • Rizhelle Edjiline Flores

  • Mirella Kirsten Galang

  • John Anthony Mante

  • Jo Levin Marcelo

  • Kristine May Moredo

  • Eloisa Napilot

  • Kevin Orpilla

  • Nicole Padlan

  • Michelle Terrence Tiu

Finance (Fin)

  • Gustav Brandon Cruz

  • Angelico Gabrielle Angeles

  • Shakira Arguelles

  • Regine Monique Aurellano

  • Joshua Bataller

  • Janeen Kim Cayetano

  • Andrew Vernon Clemente

  • Gella Mae Delgado

  • Daniel Geslani

  • Reyben Patrick Liwag

  • Genesis Montero

  • Karl Lyndon Pacolor

  • Rowen Palma

  • Sonny Tan

  • Carl Benjamin Valdez

  • Jan Michael Valle

Internal Affairs (Int)

  • Kristine Bantay

  • Joseph Ian Balucan

  • Angelo Joseph Basilan

  • Daryll Bonavente

  • Cindel Jane Bual

  • Gerald Caalam

  • Joi Mirdanne Dumaoang

  • Moreno Jose Estrada

  • Al Osiris Ingking

  • Erick Luwie Javier

  • Roel Anthony Luz

  • Jazmine Therese Manigbas

  • Jhoanne Clariz Monta

  • Pamela Camille Oliva

  • Chadwick Payawal

  • Emmanuel Johann Pena III

  • Ivan Nikolai Reyes

  • John Russel Owen Sanchez

  • Hervin Joseph Saw

  • Beatrice Ann Soliman

  • Neil Matthew Torres

  • Patricia Nicole Valena

Secretariat (Sec)

  • Christopher Obniala

  • Christene Angela Allena

  • Angelo Anthony Allena

  • Cheerlyn Jan Arteta

  • Gemina Marie Garcia

  • Anna Katrina Gomez

  • Arvin Labrador

  • Lois Mari Laput

  • Kerstine Grace Locre

  • John Ezekiel Miclat

  • Ronald Angelo Reyes

  • Francis Paolo Santelices

  • Eugene Soliveres

  • Jean Louise Tiston

  • Charles Aaron Tsoi

  • Kym Derrick Uy

  • Jazfer Crizan Ventura

Sports and Leisure (SnL)

  • Kyle Christopher Melchor

  • Paul Eugene Delfin Bundoc

  • Greggue Ann Lyza Castro

  • Ian Catamora

  • Kristoffer Ian dela Cruz

  • Jon Lloyd Fabellon

  • Karen Mae Fille

  • Jeneson Gualvez

  • Brian Anthony Gumiran

  • Rafael Gutierrez

  • Aldrin Kenneth Loyola

  • Charles Kenneth Josue Macasero

  • John Emanuelle Mirasol

  • Miguel Pascual

  • Rachelle Redecio

  • Augusto Remillano

  • Joseph Ryan Samuya

  • Jon Jepta San Diego

  • Paul Jan Saracho*

  • Clarence Sze

  • Daryll Yanga

Technical and Academic Concerns

  • Mark Lester Dumlao

  • Archelle Batiller

  • Mark Brian Dastas

  • Bruxelle Jazschwa de Leon

  • Alberto de Villa

  • Christian Garaza

  • Jesse Paulo Macabasco

  • Neil Vincent Macalisang

  • Christian Noel Olalia

  • Jibriel Ong

  • Jason Palaganas

  • Miguel Arnold Reyes

  • Nicholas Ian Sebastian

  • Kit Amiel Tumulak

  • Lorenzo Valentino III

  • Vergel Villanueva


SYNERGY: EEE Summit 2012

The Rube Goldberg machine designed by the University of the East won 1st place in the first day of the EEE Summit.

In today’s age of increasingly progressive information and technological development, there have arisen multiple venues upon which the various specifics and issues entailed in information technology are tackled and discussed to further the growth of the field. As an organization which promotes academic and practical advancement in the same field which it calls home – Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) – the University of the Philippines Engineering Radio Guild (UP ERG) has organized an event specially geared and tailor-made for its students: SYNERGY: EEE Summit 2012.

SYNERGY: EEE Summit 2012 is an event organized by UP ERG which aims to be an avenue wherein EEE students from the various colleges and universities will engage in a 3-day congregation where they can learn, compete and realize the importance and relevance of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in the country – and with it, a vision of bringing to reality the theories and numerous possibilities being taught to the students within the halls of the academe.

SYNERGY: EEE Summit 2012 is composed of four events which aim to bring out every EEE students’ potential. These are the Rube Goldberg Machine Design Competition, TechnoCast: Innovation Conference, Synergy Talk and Project Synergy.


Dagitab 8 Day 1 was held at the Electrical and Electronics Institute of UP Diliman.

DAGITAB is the Filipino term for “electricity”, an essential concept behind modern electrical, electronics, and computer technology and applications today. The project started in 2005 and was then known as the “Dagitab Technofair” handled by the Technicals and Academic Concerns Committee of UP ERG. Originally, Dagitab Technofair was a one-day inter - high school competition which showcases electrical and electronics engineering – related topics.

On its 4th year, Dagitab Technofair was stopped as a research competition and was changed into a month-long workshop series instead, having both lecture classes and hands-on laboratory work for high-school students. "Dagitab", as it was now simply called, took on the challenge of introducing electrical and electronics engineering as an interesting and fun field, and as a possible career to pursue in the future.

With the success of the previous seven Dagitab events held, Dagitab projects have had so much experience in making high school students discover the wonders of the field of electrical and electronics engineering at a young age by promoting it through the help of lecture series and hands-on part in the laboratory sessions. Dagitab has established quite a reputation among its participating schools by making the participants learn the fundamentals of different basic electronics subjects in its pre-organized curriculum, as well as enjoy it, by showcasing them different fun activities during the culminating event.

CarEEEr Talk

CarEEEr Talk 2011: E-nnovations was held at the PLDT Multimedia Hall of Electrical and Electronics Institute, UP Diliman.

CarEEEr Talk is a whole-day event that aims to give EEE (Electronics and Communications Engineering, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering) students from different colleges and universities an overview of the career paths that they may pursue after graduation.

CarEEEr Talk aims to give an overview of careers in the field of Electrical, Computer and Electronics Engineering and Computer Science. It also prepares graduating students for job hunting and extend job opportunities to engineering students from UP and other universities. It also builds a community that would break the divide between fresh graduates and employers.

The event is composed of several seminars which feature distinguished guest speakers from the academe and the industry whose expertise and broad knowledge will enlighten the participants to careers options they have.

Other Projects

  • UP ERG Scholarship Program

  • Tutorial and Review Sessions for Math, Physics and EEE Subjects

  • Hotwired 6: Electric Shock - Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE)

  • ERG Month 2012

    • EmERGe: ERG 77 Opening Night

    • Introspect: UP ERG Exihibit

    • Spectrum 3: Capture the Speed of Life, Annual Photography Contest

    • Existenserum II: Bloodletting

    • Redefining Limits: ERG Night 2012

  • Catch: Ultimate Frisbee Competition

  • Strike-out: Bowling Tournament

  • Activate! RUN and PUMP it UP

  • The Dark Knight Rises - UP ERG Movie Screening Event

  • The HungERGames 2012 - UP ERG Welcomes EEE Freshmen 2012

  • The Great Freshie Tour 2012

  • Outreach Programs

    • EvERGreen

    • Gawad Kalinga

    • Handog Ngiti

    • Computer Literacy Program


Recent Board Topnotchers

  • Adonis Emmanuel Tio - Top 1, April 2012 Electrical Engineering Licensure Examinations

  • Jeffrey Castro - Top 7, April 2012 Electronics Engineering Licensure Examinations

  • Paulo Jessie Morales - Top 1, October 2011 Electronics Engineering Licensure Examinations

  • Marc Stephen Ocampo - - Top 8, October 2011 Electronics Engineering Licensure Examinations

  • Aldrix Renz Medina - - Top 8, September 2011 Electrical Engineering Licensure Examinations

Organization Achievements

  • Kabalikat Awards

    • An award given to organizations who have continuously participated with the National Kidney Transplant Institute bloodletting drive for 8 years.

  • Best Block Handler - UP Engineering Opening Week (2012 - 2nd Place; 2011 - 3rd Place)

    • This award recognizes the organization that excelled in handling a freshman block during the first semester.

  • Chosenground 7: Upgrade - 1st Runner Up

    • The award is given to the group who has shown their excellent talent in dancing and has placed among the top 3 best in the competition.

  • Korus Klef: Youth Choir Festival 2011 - 3rd Place

    • The group who had been in the top 3 best singing group during the culminating activity of the Korus Klef festival.

  • Engineering Week Overall Champion

    • It is the most-coveted award during the Engineering Week. It is the accumulation of all points garnered of all the events hosted by the organizations.

    • 2007 - 3rd Place Over-all

    • 2008 - 4th Place Over-all

    • 2009 - 4th Place Over-all

    • 2010 - 5th Place Over-all

    • 2011 - 4th Place Over-all

  • UP Engineering Week 2011 Awards

    • Night Event: MASKIPAPS (Modeling Competition) - 1st Place ALL Division (Male Solo, Female Solo and Group)

    • Night Event: Atra Magus (SMOKER NIGHT 2011) - 3rd Place

    • Night Event: Dulaang Eng'g 2011 - 3rd Place

    • Kingdom Eng'gardium (3-day Hero Challenge) - 1st Place

    • Hayok sa EWOC - 1st Place

    • Lantern Makeng'g 2011 - 1st Place

    • Kanalan (Bowling Competition) - 1st Place

    • Game of the Generals - 1st Place

    • Natunugan Mo - 2nd Place

    • Blind Volleyball - 2nd Place

    • Dresseng'g - 2nd Place

    • Pipol Pusoy - 2nd Place

    • Team Pusoy Dos - 2nd Place

    • Taleng'gtado Ka! - 2nd Place

    • Samson Delilah Lion - 2nd Place

    • Volleybagan (Volleyball Competition) - 2nd Place (Men's); 3rd Place (Mixed)

    • Eng'gel Making Contest - 3rd Place

    • Iron Woman - 3rd Place

    • Tau Alpha Diliman Marathon - 3rd Place (Male and Female)

    • Amazeng'g Race - 3rd Place

Individual Achievements

  • Maria Katrina Volante - Team U.P., First Place, Indra Future Minds Competition; Top 10 Power Innovator and Best Presenter, Meralco Power Camp

  • Reimark de Guzman - UP ERG President AY 2012-2013; Top 10 Power Innovator, Meralco Power Camp

  • Mark Laurence Pena - Top 30 Power Innovator, Meralco Power Camp

  • Jesse Paulo Macabasco, Kit Amiel Tumulak and Aristeo Logronio - Interface 2011 (Ateneo EEE Race and Quiz Show) - 3rd Place

  • Dane Joseph Monasterial - UP Engineering's Top 100 2011

  • Mizpah Capina - UP Engineering's Top 100 2011

  • Carlos Benedict Santos - UP Engineering's Top 100 2011

  • Adonis Emmanuel Tio - UP Engineering's Top 100 2011

  • Reyben Patrick Liwag - Best Actor: UP Engg Film Festival 2011

  • Fritzie Louise Benzon - Best Actress: Dulaang Eng'g 2011

Notable Alumni

  • Francisco Viray - Former Dean of UP College of Engineering, Former Secretary of Energy

  • Jesus Francisco - Former President, MERALCO

  • Rowena Cristina Guevara - Former Dean, UP College of Engineering

  • Joel Joseph Marciano Jr. - Current Director, UP Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (EEEI)

  • Manuel Ramos Jr. - Former Chairman, UP Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering(DEEE)

  • Efren Abaya - Former Chairman, UP Dept. of Electrical Engineering (DEE)

  • Rafael Mantaring - Former Chairman, UP DEE

  • Alexander Sun Sy Eng - Founder, Alexan Commercial and President, Yongden Technology Corporation


  • UP ERG is the oldest student organization in the UP College of Engineering.

  • UP ERG once put up and maintained a campus radio station with the callsign KA1UP.

  • UP ERG was the first departmental organization to put up a scholarship program for the college.

  • The 75th anniversary of UP ERG coincided with the centennial celebration of the UP College of Engineering in the year 2010.

    External Links

    - UP ERG Website
    - ERG Forums
    - UP Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

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