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The Premier Organization of Students from PANGASINAN in UP DILIMAN
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Established 1975
Motto Let us all be one in all the things that we do so we will always be united and shall never be divided.
Type Student Organization (Non-stock, Non Profit)
President Marlou Cabalquinto
Vice President Diana Tanya Saure
Externals Committee Head Eveson Kassandra Mae Ponciano
Finance Committee Head Sofia Lora Santiago
Internals Committee Head Khryzza Vien De Guzman
Secretariat Committee Head Geneve Villareal
Socio-Cultural Committee Head Marian Ventura
Location Cluster E-7, Vinzons Hill Tambayan Complex, UP Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
Faculty Adviser Dr. Ma. Crisanta Flores
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Org Profile

Members of the UPSS during the Padunungan 2011

The UP Subol Society (UPSS) is a non-stock, non-profit, university-based organization of Pangasinan students in the University of the Philippines. Our organization’s principal focus is service to the people of our beloved province. Throughout its 42-year history, the UPSS has constantly functioned as a vibrant avenue for greater involvement and meaningful interaction of Pangasinan students in the pursuit of common goals and actions for the advancement of a purposive scholarship in the University.


The UP SUBOL SOCIETY, founded in 1975, as a legacy in itself of the dynamic “subol”, the Pangasinan word for spring and as an organization that has accepted the sacred thrust of leadership and service to the people from the university continues to be a wellspring of ideas, talents, socio-civic mindedness and academic consciousness. The organization is still a venue for the preservation and promotion of Pangasinan culture, the rendition of service to the province and the integration of Pangasinan students into the university culture.

Throughout the years, the Baguio and Diliman (formerly including the Los Baños and Manila campuses) chapters of the UP Subol Society (UPSS) have participated in several University activities such as the Annual UP Fair, freshmen-oriented service programs, Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) and mobilizations. The UPSS has also sponsored University theater plays and films, ticket raffles and food and Valentine balloons and garments sales for raising funds. In line of its cultural goal, it holds semestral exhibits of Pangasinan artists, tourism, and culture in the university. More importantly, the organization has initiated tree-planting projects, UPCAT reviews and Course Orientation programs for senior high school students, marathon events, free medical, dental and circumcision clinics, sand-castle making contests at the beach on “Pistay Dayat” (Sea Festival) and poster-making,crossword puzzle and Pangasinan jumbled words for Pangasinan high school students. The organization also has sports fests, talent shows, exposure trips and discussion groups for its members.

Among all these projects, however, the Annual Quiz Show also known as PADUNUNGAN is the most significant and difficult undertaking. Since 1977, when the first Quiz Show was held, UPSS earnestly strives to maximize available resources to improve each Quiz Show. This is because PADUNUNGAN is the fulfillment of the “subol” that is within every member and the microcosm of the ideal education that UPSS envisions for all youth, which is “education is not mere academics”.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the organization is comprised of seven elected officers: the President, the Vice President and the five Committee Heads (Externals Committee, Finance Committee, Internals Committee, Secretariat Committee and Socio-Cultural Committee).

Executive Committee A.Y. 2017-2018

Marlou Cabalquinto (Sta. Barbara, BS Statistics)
Vice President
Diana Tanya Saure (Mangatarem, BS Geography)
Externals Committee Head
Eveson Kassandra Mae Ponciano (Mangaldan, Non-Major)
Finance Committee Head
Sofia Lora Santiago (Sta. Barbara, BS Statistics)
Internals Committee Head
Khryzza Vien De Guzman (Mangaldan, BA Anthropology)
Secretariat Committee Head
Geneve Villareal (Mangaldan, BA Sociology)
Socio-Cultural Head
Marian Ventura (Mangaldan, BS Business Administration)

Committees and Members

The five committees are the Externals, Internals, Finance, Secretariat, and Socio-Cultural Committees.

Externals Committee

Assistant Committee Head:
Saraiah Sagurit (Mangaldan, B Fine Arts - Industrial Design)
Alumni Relations Officer:
Marie Lezith Soriano (San Carlos City, BS Statistics)
Carmella Christine Erguiza (Binmaley, BA Sociology)
Star Clanine Claire Nicanor (Agno, BA Political Science)
Christian Alfred Soriano (San Carlos City, BS Civil Engineering)

Finance Committee

Assistant Committee Head:
Marel Pearl Melendez (Alaminos City, Non-Major)
Philip Kawi (Laoac, BS Chemical Engineering)
Bon Jason Batecan (Binmaley, BS Statistics)
Joseph Caracas (Bolinao, BS Mechanical Engineering)

Internals Committee

Assistant Committee Head:
Ariel Villacorta (Calasiao, BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology)
Jules Aficial (Dagupan City, BS Civil Engineering)
Gian Corpuz (San Jacinto, BS Electronics and Communications Engineering)
Helena Ngilay (Dagupan City, BS Architecture)
Edric Raguindin (Binalonan, Non-Major)

Secretariat Committee

Assistant Committee Head:
Faith Feraren (Dagupan City, BS Psychology)
Rengel Arconado (San Fabian, BS Architecture)
Joshua Dagarag (Dagupan City, BA Political Science)
Angelica Joy Dameg (Alaminos City, BS Civil Engineering)

Socio-Cultural Committee

Assistant Committee Head:
John Alfred Paragas (Lingayen, BS Mathematics)
Dana Ruth Castillo (Dagupan City, BA Anthropology)
Pia Pollaine Magaoay (Calasiao, BA Speech Communication)
Royce Vincent Perez (Urdaneta City, BS Civil Engineering)
Ricky Kristan Raguindin (Dagupan City, BS Materials Engineering)

Activities and Projects

PADUNUNGAN‎ 1994 at Dagupan City People's Astrodome
PADUNUNGAN 2011 also at Dagupan City People's Astrodome
UPCAT Review 2017 at Urdaneta City National High School


Padunungan is an annual inter-campus competition among public and private elementary and high school institutions in Pangasinan. It is conducted by the UP Subol Society. Among all its events throughout the year, the organization the Padunungan as the highlight, the most worthwhile in its advocacy of service and consequently to the country.

UPCAT Review and College Orientation

The organization yearly brings to high school students UPCAT Reviews and College Orientation Programs. UPCAT Reviews are targeted to help the students prepare for entrance exams, which are usually held in different high schools within Pangasinan months before dates of college entrance examinations. Together with the review, the orientation programs aim to give a comprehensive guide to college life.

Subol Youth Volunteer Corps

Subol Youth Volunteer Corps is the organization's biggest youth empowerment platform. Potential youth leaders in Pangasinan were invited to take part in our events and be trained by the members themselves to enhance their leadership skills.

Adings Project
This project is UP Subol Society's long-term commitment in making sure underprivileged youths grow to the best that they can be. Through this project, the organization is adopting Kalinga ng Ama Foundation – a small orphanage in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, to provide them necessary goods and facilities for their children’s welfare. This project wants to enable their children to grow meaningful lives in the future through learning, arts, and sports.

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Executive Committee from AY 2005-2006 to Present

President Vice President Externals
Committee Head
Committee Head
Committee Head
Committee Head
Committee Head
Academic Year
Diana Tanya
Eveson Kassandra Mae
Sofia Lora
Khryzza Vien
De Guzman
Academic Year
Mary Angeline
L. Cabal
Royce Vincent
G. Perez
Ricky Kristan
M. Raguindin
Bon Jason
N. Batecan (1st Semester)
Dana Ruth
B. Castillo
J. Kawi
Sarah Mae
G. Galvez
Visperas (2nd Semester)
Academic Year
Mikhail Joshua
F. Carane
Marie Lezith
F. Soriano
Royce Vincent
G. Perez
P. Judan
P. Tiangson
Krisha Grace
J. Aquino
Christine Jamie
M. Melchor
Academic Year
Marco Angelo
S. Zaplan
Kathlyn Mae
T. Gubatan
Mary Angeline
L. Cabal
Marianne Teresa
R. Samiley
Mary Angelique
L. Cabal
Myla Kim
D. Yuson
Tristan Ray
V. Cervas
Academic Year
Louis Angelo
V. Estrada
Phoebe Rose
D. Tolete
Vanessa Pearl
M. Bautista
Marc Francis
O. Perez
Albei Keith
C. Tolete
Kathlyn Mae
T. Gubatan
John Alexander
O. Soriano
Academic Year
French Clifford
S. Dacion
Glory Ann
L. Ocay
Christopher Bryan
M. Dizon (1st Semester)
M. Velasquez
Ralph Gregor
J. Aquino
Floyd Willis
I. Patricio (1st Semester)
Margarita Rae
N. Rosario
Louis Angelo
V. Estrada (2nd Semester)
Phoebe Rose
D. Tolete (2nd Semester)
Academic Year
Nikki Ann
M. De Mesa
Floyd Willis
I. Patricio
Glory Ann
L. Ocay
C. Cansino
Michelle Angelica
F. Soriano
G. De Vera
French Clifford
S. Dacion
Academic Year
Ryan Cristoffer
C. Eden
A. Soriano Jr.
Dinkie Lyssa
M. Carpio
M. Gamboa
Maria Cristina
O. Eugenio
Hannah Marie
O. Agas
Adrienne Belle
E. Maramba (1st Semester)
Nikki Ann
M. De Mesa (2nd Semester)
Academic Year
Ana Cristina
E. Asperin
Janisse Melba
G. Baltazar
M. Ico
A. Nacional
M. Meneses
A. Soriano Jr.
Mae Crista
P. Garin
Academic Year
K. Daroy
Erik Jan
T. Estrada
Camille Joy
V. Quiambao
Janisse Melba
G. Baltazar
Mary Grace
G. Capinpin
U. Soriano
Michael Vincent
DC. Mercado
Academic Year
G. Casaclang (2007)
none Charina
K. Daroy
Maureen Kascha
L. Osoteo
C. Orara
Diane Merce
B. Bartolome
F. Macaraeg
Fatima Gay
J. Molina (2008)
Academic Year
B. Sunglao
Keneth Joyce
S. Cruz
no record Erik Jan
T. Estrada
Michael Vincent
DC. Mercado
C. Payomo
Academic Year
D. De Vera
D. Quiros
D. Espiritu
Mary Ann
D. Ticman
Maria Romina
C. Mislang
B. Sunglao

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