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  • For course management, UVLe has a wide range of features and activities focused on helping teachers manage their courses efficiently. Unlike in Google or Yahoo Group, a teacher in UVLe, for instance, can group students into smaller groups for assignments and other activities. This is ideal in managing large classes or courses taught by a team of faculty.

  • With a simple set-up in UVLe, a teacher can run activities (like Quiz, Survey, Wiki, Chat, Forum) that encourage student-teacher and student-student interactions. A teacher can also share resources (like journal articles, multimedia and other files, links to websites) or embed them right into their course outlines.

  • UVLe has a bigger file upload limit than Yahoo or Google Group. A YahooGroup, for instance, has 100MB total space limit; each uploaded file also cannot exceed 5MB. An uploaded file on UVLe can be up to 50MB and by far there is NO LIMIT to the total server space for a course.

  • As teacher, you can collect assignments online via UVLe. So no clogged mail box! With Uvle, you can set a deadline of submission, beyond that, no submissions are accepted. This time-sensitive feature is not even available in Yahoo or Google Group. UVLe keeps records of logins and submissions, so no more "but, Ma'am, I emailed my assignment to you. Didn't you receive it" excuse.

  • YahooGroups no longer keeps attachments to emails. Uvle archives everything in your message (including attachments) for later retrieval.

  • Uvle tracks all activities on site, so the teacher can choose to monitor who is lagging behind with the readings and assignments.

  • UVLe is focused on making academic instruction more efficient and effective. Yahoo or Google Group is only a general-purpose mailing list.

  • YahooGroups is prone to spam. On UVLe, "you" don't somnambulistically send any message asking your contacts for money because allegedly you've been mugged in some random city. Nor do "you" send friends links that turned out to be phishing sites.

  • No ads on UVLe.

"Why Use UVLe Instead of Yahoo or Google Groups" - older version of the document

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