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Disaster risks (i.e., typhoons, earthquakes, etc.) affect various communities all over the Philippines at different extents. While these risks are mostly natural, their effect and impact could be cushioned with the proper kind of preparation, involvement of stakeholders, and high-level of consciousness among community members. “Ang Buklod Tao at ang Barangay Banaba” is a documentary that looks into the role being played by Buklod Tao, a people’s organization in the at-risk community of Barangay Banaba. It illustrates how a community could be developed and organized even with the absence of government’s proactive involvement. Using the Hyogo Framework for Action, the film shows Buklod Tao’s capacity development and partnership with their local government towards building a resilient community; Participatory Hazard, Vulnerability, and Capacity Assessment on the other hand, helped contextualize the relationship of visual evidences shown in the film.

Mercado, M. V. DC. (2012). Ang Buklod Tao at ang Barangay Banaba, Unpublished Student Thesis, University of the Philippines, College of Mass Communication

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