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Title: A Revisualized Fight Club Trailer: Queer, Genre and Marxist Theory

Citation: Ante, A.G.C.P., Brown, M.L.T (2014). A Revisualized Fight Club Trailer: Queer, Genre and Marxist Theory. Unpublished undergraduate creative output/reflection paper. Manila: University of the Philippines Diliman-College of Mass Communication.

Abstract: The use of Queer, Genre and Marxist Theories in this short creative output and reflection paper to assess deliver a new perspective in the 1995 film adpatation of Chuck Palahniuk's "Fight Club" directed by David Fincher.

Note: These works are in fulfillment of the requirements under Dean Rolando B. Tolentino for his Film 171 (Film Theory and Criticism) class for the second semester A.Y. 2013-2014. These works are subjected to the guidelines in the copyright page.

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