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This page discusses ways of embedding media contents in iskWiki!


New Flash Source

<videoflash type="source">video code</videoflash>

Source types:


Video code:

Uploaded Audio File

sample code to be placed in the entry:

<mp3>filename (uploaded or external)</mp3>

Uploaded Video File



width: width in pixels, defaults to 320
height: width in pixels, defaults to 240
title: video title, default
caption: defaults to the title if not specified. To exclude, set to none
image: preview show inline. Defaults to included clip image
type: mimetype, defaults to auto
download: defaults to false
autostart: defaults to true
controller: defaults to true
thickbox: defaults to false

 Example: <video caption="Water Day" autostart="true" thickbox="true">waterday.wmv</video>

Supported formats

o .mov (video)
o .mp4 (video)
o .mp3 (audio)
o .smi or .smil (dynamic video)
o .3gp (video & audio)

Windows Media
o .avi (video)
o .wmv (video)
o .asf (video)
o .wma (audio)

o .swf (video application)
o .ogg (video)
o .ogv (video)
o .oga (audio)

FLV Playlist

   title="Playlist title" 
   first.flv|First things first
   second.flv|Second to none
   third.flv|Third time's a charm

FLV Player (Standalone)


Optional Attributes
width: default = 320
height: default = 240
autoPlay: default = false
autoBuffering: default = false T

See Also

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