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3. Mang Jimmy's (inside MWSS compound)
3. Mang Jimmy's (inside MWSS compound)
==Fast Food Delivery Services==
1. Jollibee at Philcoa

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1. Choko Kiss (2nd Floor, Bahay ng Alumni & 1st Floor, Right Wing, Bahay ng Alumni)- specialties: pasta, cake

2. ROC (1st Floor, Left Wing, Bahay ng Alumni)

3. Alumni Center - specialties: snacks

4. Chateau Verde (near PNB) - fine dining

5. Tea Room at the School of Home Economics (also with Figaro coffee shop)

6. Rodic's - specialty: *silog

7. Khan's (Beside the Swimming Pool) - specialty: Mediterranean

8. CASAA - specialty: fash food

9. NISMED canteen

10. Tree House (beside ISSI)

11. University Food Service at Vinson's Hall

12. University Hotel

Popular Street Food on Campus

1. Isawan in front of Ilang-ilang dorm and beside the Post Office

2. Hot Monay (bread from ambulant vendors)

Food Establishments Near the Campus

1. Likha Diwa (along CP Garcia)

2. Thai Food (back of International Center)

3. Mang Jimmy's (inside MWSS compound)

Fast Food Delivery Services

1. Jollibee at Philcoa

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