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  • By default, internship or on-the-job training at DILC is not paid. However, for certain projects where students demonstrate high-level skills, interns or trainees may be given token honoraria.
  • Handle DILC equipment with care. Assume personal responsibility for it, as the equipment could be from your own parents' taxes.
  • Interns are expected to use DILC's project management platform to keep track of their projects.
  • An intern is encouraged to keep a journal at UVLeio to document learning. Request an account from your supervisor.
  • Unsatisfactory performance of duties and responsibilities, together with absenteeism and tardiness, is a ground for dismissal from the DILC internship program.
  • Your training at DILC is beneficial to both yourself and DILC. Don't let it be a one-directional affair.

Group Work

  • Learn basic teamwork skills and other related competences.
  • Whenever possible, commit codes and other output documents through a Git system at DILC. Consult your supervisor for your setup.
  • Refrain from deleting anything unless with expressed permission from all groupmates and the Sysad, unless work is committed through a versioning system.
  • Always backup files before applying changes.
  • Document group process.

Individual Tasks

  • Use the Online OJT Activity Monitoring Sheet
  • Backup everything before trying anything.
  • Towards the end of one's internship or OJT, the intern or trainee is expected to present the training highlights of his stint at DILC.
  • Avoid simply moving from task to task. While completion of individual tasks is important, you should be able to relate your tasks to your larger personal goals in the internship and the career you envisioned as well as to your group's vision for the project.

Office Etiquette

  • DILC building is shared by 4 offices. Things in the pantry are not for everybody to use. DILC has its own cabinet and utensils.
  • Food in the refrigerator is not for public consumption.
  • Access to TV shows is limited only during lunch break.
  • No shorts and sandos.
  • Note that your music may not be your colleagues' music. Use headset.

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