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The Basics

Before creating articles, make sure you have done the following:
  • Logged in using your correct UP Webmail account and password
  • Studied certain basic procedures here before editing and creating articles
  • New to iskWiki? You may test your wiki skills on iskWiki! sandbox!

Creating University of the Philippines-related articles:

  • If you want to create new article(s) regarding colleges, institutes or any topic(s) related to University of the Philippines, visit first the template pages of these individual campuses:
  1. UP System template
  2. UP Diliman template
  3. UP Manila template
  • Existing articles are shown in blue while non-exiting pages in red. You may add more details to an existing article but you can initiate new pages by clicking on the red links. You may ask for help by inserting {{help}} on the top of your Talk page and write your question under it.

Can't think of what to contribute? Check the Wanted Pages.

Quick Stats
  • Total number of pages: 20,557 and counting!
  • Total number of articles: 3,708 and counting!
  • Total number of files: 13,281 and counting!
  • Total number of edits: 63,220 and counting!
  • Total number of registered users: 4,437. Volunteer now! Know or let people know what's going on. Think Community!

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Getting Help

Think Community!
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