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Word: gandíngan
category: musical instrument
1. ethno-linguistic group: Maguindanaon
2. General Physical Description: a set of four shallow tuned gongs with narrow rims, = suspended from a pole. A Maguindanaon instrument.
A gong like shape instrument, only wider than the gong but less in height.
3. General Playing technique:
4. Musical Function:
5. Playing circumstance:

Maguinadanaon- English Dictionary
author: Robert E. Sullivan
Institute of Cotabato Culture
Notre Dame University


Word: gandingan

Category: instrument

1. Ethno-linguistic group: Maguindanaon

2. General physical description: a set of four graduated thin-rimmed gongs with a low central protusion.

3. General playing technique: struck with a pair of mallets, one for each pair.

4. Musical function: plays an ostinato in palabunibunyan

5. Playing circumstance: it is heard in various occasions like weddings, water baptism called paigo sa ragat, and curing rites called kapagipat

Source:CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art, Volume I, Peoples of the Philippines, K-Z

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