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iskWiki! is a community wiki of the University of the Philippines. It is a repository of information that may be useful in making University life more productive and fulfilling. Documentation on various projects at the University may also be written on this wiki. iskWiki's host, the Diliman Interactive Learning Center, reserves the right to delete any page deemed inappropriate or any contribution that violates copyright. Users of DILC services should abide by the terms of the University's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

DILC Bldg at Magsaysay Av cor Apacible St

Here's how to contribute to iskWiki!.

Editing and Creating Articles

Before creating articles, make sure you have done the following:

  • Logged in using your correct UP Webmail account and password.
  • Before editing and creating articles, you must study certain basic procedures here.

isWiki! Quick Stats

  • Total number of pages: 20,516 and counting!
  • Total number of articles: 3,708 and counting!
  • Total number of files: 13,242 and counting!
  • Total number of edits: 63,123 and counting!
  • Total number of users: 4,437. Volunteer now!

Other services

Other services of the DILC include:

  1. Uvle, an online course management system
  2. The DILC website, a repository of multimedia materials (podcast, vodcast, learning objects) and a platform of online conversation. Here are ways to access DILC media contents
  3. Videoconference. Here's a Guide to Videoconferencing at UPD
  4. Training on technology integration in teaching and learning.
The Fine Print: contents on this site are owned by whoever posted them (as indicated on the page History). Neither the DILC nor the University is responsible for them in any way. DILC reserves the right to delete them if they are deemed in violation of the University's Acceptable Use Policy and other applicable laws.