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For its backup needs, DILC is initiating a network-attached storage (NAS) project. The goal of the project is to deploy inexpensive, reliable, robust, scalable backup system for DILC's use. It only uses commodity, off-the-shelf parts and free and open source technologies.


The system


  • Remote Site B: initial rollout: 4TB contiguous space, using 2x2TB commodity hard drives (expandable to 6x2TB; there appears to be a limit to hd size - 2TB - before getting errors). This is meant to cope with backup requirements that now exceed the capacity of Remote Site A (as of 21 April 2013):

Df sh of remote site A.png


Development Team

  • Ma. Cristina Dalupan - Team Leader
  • Raff Alimbuyuguen
  • Don Cadavona
  • Thaniel Jay Duldulao
  • Dominick Tunac

To Dos

  • Webdav integration
  • throughput optimization
  • persistent automount
  • peer-to-peer syncing of files via direct private torrent
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