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This page outlines possible ways in which iskWiki! can be used.


Uses for Everyone at UP

  • a community portal
  • a means to update the community
  • university history, facts and figures
  • biographical information on important UP people
  • archival of UP event-related materials (posters, audio and video clips, etc)

Uses for Students

  • information on student groups
  • information on student sponsored events
  • documentation for group projects
  • archival of student theses

Uses for Faculty

  • a collaborative environment for class projects
  • showcase of class output (photo gallery, essays, video projects and so on)
  • publication of research and teaching interests
  • publication of abstracts, pre-prints, reports
  • platform for collaborative writing with colleagues (the faculty may choose when and which part to publish)


  • documentation of artistic processes and products
  • archiving of multimedia output

Uses for Researchers

  • profile of research projects
  • update on research progress to invite open collaboration and feedback[1]
  • work together on a document, and restrict public access before you're ready to share it
  • project documentation. While findings may eventually end up as publication or report to funders, a good deal of useful materials that are not included in final reports or publications need to archived or shared with colleagues.
  • archival of data sets

Uses for University Administrators

  • platform for university-wide collaboration
  • codification of administrative roles and functions
  • documentation of "institutional memories"
  • formulation of operations manual
  • dissemination of university policies
  • publication of updates, newsletters
  • quick or on-the-fly aggregation of data (proof of concept: list of publications from some faculty)
  • quickly compile curricular programs (see example)

When iskWiki! is not for you

  • not a glamour page for your cat
  • not a platform for blogging
  • not for twittering

See Also


  1. M Nielsen (2011) "The New Einsteins Will Be Scientists Who Share" WSJ
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