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The Many Faces of Derpina: A Study on Women Representation in 9GAG Posts


This study presents an analysis of women representation as exemplified in posts in The focus is on how women are welcomed in the said popular Internet website with respect to how they are viewed through the posts. Content analysis was used for the study where a month worth of posts were obtained from 9GAG which serve as the study’s exploratory sample. Using content analysis I identified the themes of women representation after which textual analysis was used to examine those themes and their dynamics with the posts. There are two sets of themes of women representation that were seen in the 9GAG posts obtained; the first set are themes which were derived from references, while the second set are themes that were derived from studying the patterns of representations in the posts that do not fall under the pre-determined themes. The two-fold objective of this study is to first identify how women are seen in 9GAG and then inspect the themes, subthemes and other connotative messages in the posts gathered for a more substantial analysis. It is this study’s assumption that women have been victims of misrepresentation in other media platforms based on previous studies. It is therefore this study’s goal to supplement those studies by asserting a similar premise situated in a different medium, the internet. This study reveals that stereotypical representation of women in a negative light still prevails and continues to be the dominant view.

Key words: women, representation, 9GAG, themes

Lopez, Viveka C. (2013). The Many Faces of Derpina: A Study on Women Representation in 9GAG Posts, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

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