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Transcending Tradition: Redesigning the Front Page of Manila Bulletin

Figueroa, J. & Ilagan, A.C. (2014). Transcending Tradition: Redesigning the Front Page of Manila Bulletin, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Even with the emergence of different information platforms and media, Philippine newspapers seem to be left behind by the universal shift of reader perception and modernization in layout and design. This dissertation focuses on the perception of Visual Communication students, layout and graphic artists, and art directors regarding the layout and design of Manila Bulletin’s front page and assumes that it is too traditional, unorganized and ineffective. Through conducted interviews, visual analysis, and focus group discussion, the research was able to prove that Manila Bulletin’s layout does not adhere to the principles of layout and design, maximize its communicative power and reach out to the younger market. The insights and critiques from the interviewees and FGD participants supplemented the researchers’ knowledge on newspaper design, enabling them to come up with a recommendation on redesigning the front page. Since the findings insist that the change in layout be executed gradually, the researchers proposed a 4-wave redesign plan for Manila Bulletin which aims to encourage further studies on rethinking the outlook of Philippine newspapers.

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