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UJP-UP Diliman was established in September 8, 1988.
The Union of Journalists of the Philippines - University of the Philippines (UJP-UP) is the student and research arm of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP), one of the leading media guilds in Asia. Based in the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication, it is an academic political union of students committed to advancing pro-masses and pro-student ideals and promoting advocacy journalism and media ethics.



UJP-UP was hailed by the college as the Most Outstanding Organization in 2015

The name 'Union of Journalists of the Philippines' was originally used by the NUJP but by the time it decided to register itself as a formal organization, having several chapters in the country, it decided to add "National" and adopt the name 'National Union of Journalists of the Philippines' instead. Until now, the NUJP uses the UJP initials in its logo.

After the terrible fate of the media and the Filipino people during Ferdinand Marcos's Martial Law and with the restoration of democracy in 1986, several Filipino media practitioners founded the NUJP to promote media professionalism and unionism. NUJP recognized that promoting a professional and unified media should start where it matters – students who are to be future media practitioners.

In September 8, 1988, Helen Magpantay founded UJP-UP as NUJP's student arm.

In 2015, the union was hailed as the most outstanding organisation in the College of Mass Communication.


"United in the belief that press freedom and advocacy journalism are vital in mass communication as means in upgrading skills in the profession, promoting people's rights and welfare, taking a conscious stand and form of action on issues, and actively partaking in the struggle for societal change."


The union is active in issues inside and outside the university. Combining academics and play, UJP supplements education provided inside the walls of the classroom.


Writing on the Wall Street (Feb. 17, 2009) - A forum on the media coverage of the global financial crisis. Speakers from IBON Foundation, Philippine Daily Inquirer, CMFR and NUJP.

How to Catch a Big Fish (Sept. 24, 2008) - Forum on investigative journalism in the Philippines. Award-winning investigative journalists Glenda Gloria, Lala Rimando, Carmela Fonbuena (UJP alumni), Malou Mangahas and Bobby Tuazon of alternative online newsmagazine Bulatlat spoke about their experiences and gave tips to journalism and other mass communication students.

Crushing the Pen: Media Repression Then and Now (Feb. 19, 2008) - Forum on media repression during the Marcos and Arroyo administrations. In coordination with the College of Mass Communication Office of Research and Publication.

Gagging the Press - on media killings

Killing Neutrality (Sept. 27, 2007) - Advocacies of campus publications. Speakers were College Editors' Guild of the Philippines President Jose Cosido, (UP) Philippine Collegian editor-in-chief Jerrie Abella and (Ateneo) Matanglawin editor-in-chief Mark Benedict Lim.

Huling Hala Bira by Howie Severino (Sept. 4, 2007) - As part of UP's Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE), UJP invited Howie Severino to talk about his award-winning I-Witness documentary "Huling Hala Bira" a film about the impending demolition of a railroad-side community.

How Safe Are We? (Aug. 24, 2007) - A forum on the Human Security Act or the Anti-Terrorism Act of the Philippines. Speakers were Prof. Danny Arao of the UP-CMC Journalism Department, Joe Torress of NUJP and Jerrie Abella. Foreign Ownership of the Philippine Media (2005)

Understanding the Oakwood Mutiny - ACLE with guest speakers from Bayan Muna. It was awarded the KaMalayan Best ACLE by the UP Diliman University Student Council.

Media Report (January 2012) - ACLE with guest speakers Tikoy Aguiluz, Bryant Macale from CMFR, Prof. Choy Pangilinan from the Broadcast Communications Department, and Pauline Gidget Estella from the College Editors Guild of the Philippines. This has already been an annual forum organized by the organization which aims to know the state of the media for the past year.

Surveying the Media (August 2012) - ACLE on the effect of surveys to the voting public. Speakers from the Social Weather Stations, TV5 and Kabataan Party-list were invited.

The Hazards of Seeing: Assessing the Witness Protection Program of the Philippines (September 28, 2012) - As part of the celebration of UJP-UP's 24th anniversary, the organization invited speakers from the Witness Protection Program of the Philippines, KARAPATAN and NUJP to talk about the state of the WPP in the country. This was done in connection to the killings of the Maguindanao Massacre witnesses who then refused to undergo the WPP.

Pit Stop (June 2013) - A media situationer that introduced the FSTs of the state of our media today. The speaker was Rupert Francis Mangilit, former CMC Student Council Chairperson and presently the Secretary General of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines. This is in partnership with the local college council.

On the Job (June 2013) - A forum that focused more on campus journalism and the state of student publications in schools today. Speakers were Fullbright scholar Jhesset Enaño, Philippine Collegian writer Ronn Bautista and College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) National Secretary General Marc Abila.

Panitikan at Pahayagan (September 2013) - As part of UJP-UP's 25th anniversary, the organization invited Dean Roland Tolentino, Palanca Awardee Jun Cruz Reyes, and Palanca Hall of Famer Reuel Aguila to have a forum on literary journalism and how literature and journalism as separate aspects shape the narrative of the nation.

Red Alert (January 2014) - ACLE focused on media coverage of national disasters like Zamboanga siege, Bohol earthquake, and Typhoon Yolanda. Featured speakers were Carlos Padolina from Citizen's Disaster Response Center, GMA-7 Senior Correspondent Micaela Papa, Philippine Collegian News Editor Keith Mariano, and Dr. Luis Teodoro from the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibilities.

That Thing Called Malaya (April 2015)


Journalism seminar and workshop for high school students.




An editorial cartoon making contest is held every year during the union's anniversary month.


A photojournalism contest held during the celebration of the UJP month.


The official monthly newsletter.


The official literary folio.

Pagwawaksi - 2003

Balikwas - 2012

Gunita - 2013

Balaraw - 2014

Alpas - 2015


National Union of Journalists of the Philippines

Solidaridad - alliance of student publications in UP Diliman

College Editors Guild of the Philippines

Rise As One Against Right of Reply 2009 of which the union's secretary was the spokesperson

Academic Core Alliance - Vice Chair organization 2010-2011

UPD Freshie Committee Publication Committee 2010

Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP (STAND-UP)

Notable Alumni

Among the union's alumni are student leaders, editors-in-chief of the Philippine Collegian and the Tinig ng Plaridel, media workers in national broadcast networks, national newspapers and alternative and online news institutions.


Norman Bordadora - GMA News Online

Carmela Fonbuena - Newsbreak writer/fellow, Jaime V. Ongpin Awardee for Explanatory Writing ("Seeing Red," 2007), Rappler writer

Karol Ilagan - Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism

Leila Salaverria - Philippine Daily Inquirer

Jam Sisante - GMA News reporter

Kimberly Jane Tan - GMA News Online reporter

Marc Jayson Cayabyab -

Kristine Angeli Sabillo -


Danilo Arao - CMC Associate Dean 2013-present, CMC Department of Journalism Assistant Professor 2012-present, UP Assistant Vice-President for Public Affairs 2011-2012, CMC College Secretary 2010-2011

Campus Journalism

Larissa Mae Suarez - Philippine Collegian Editor-in-Chief 2008-2009

Pauline Gidget Estella - Philippine Collegian Editor-in-Chief 2010-2011,

Sophia Balod - Tining ng Plaridel Editor-in-Chief 2009-2010

Marc Jayson Cayabyab - Tinig ng Plaridel Associate Editor 2011-2012

Ma. Katherine Elona - Philippine Collegian Editor-in-chief 2012-2013

Marisse Gabrielle Panaligan - Tinig ng Plaridel Sports Editor 2012, Tinig ng Plaridel Managing Editor 2013

Iza Darlene Cay - Tinig ng Plaridel News Editor 2013-2014

April Anne Benjamin - Tinig ng Plaridel Associate Editor for Print 2014-2015

Judielyn Agua - Tinig ng Plaridel News Editor 2015-2016

Anton Onato - Tinig ng Plaridel Editor-in-Chief 2015-2016

Krysten Boado - Tinig ng Plariderl Editor-in-Chief 2016-2017

Karen Ann Macalalad - Philippine Collegian Editor-in-Chief 2016-2017

Andrea Jobelle Adan - Tinig ng Plaridel Features Editor 2017-2018

Denver del Rosario - Tinig ng Plaridel Managing Editor 2017-2018

Bei Zamora - Tinig ng Plariderl Editor-in-Chief 2017-2018

Student Council

Jemima Grace Garcia - UPD University Student Council Chairperson 2011-2012,

Rowena Cabasis - CMC Student Council Chairperson 1996-1997

Janice Lee Monte - CMC-SC Journalism Department Representative 1996-1997

Melanie Pinlac - CMC-SC Chairperson 2006-2007, Secretary 2005-2006

Rona Cappal - CMC-SC Journalism Department Representative 2005-2006

Roland Guia - CMC-SC Broadcast Communication Department Representative 2005-2006

Martha Teodoro - CMC-SC Vice-Chairperson 2007-2008, Journalism Department Representative 2006-2007

Almi Ilagan - CMC-SC Journalism Department Representative

Ryan Villareal - CMC-SC Journalism Department Representative

Aiza Camille España - CMC-SC Journalism Department Representative

Edmalynne Remillano - CMC-SC Journalism Department Representative 2008-2009

Mely Ann Emerie Cristobal - CMC-SC Secretary 2011-2012

Sarah Isabelle Torres - CMC Representative to the USC 2012-2013

Dale Calanog - CMC-SC Journalism Representative 2015-2016

Raphael Rayco - CMC-SC Journalism Representative 2016-2017

Hazel Lobres - CMC Representative to the USC 2016-2017

Academic Excellence

Cielo Marjorie Gono - GMA President's Medal Awardee 2010 and Betty Go Belmonte Awardee for Academic Excellence 2009

Marc Jayson Cayabyab - Best Thesis awardee ("From Alternative to Traditional: An investigative study on party-list representation in the 15th Congress"

Iza Darlene Cay - Chit Estella Journalism Awardee, Inquirer Scholar, GMA Excellence Awardee, Best Thesis Awardee ('ng_Inaakbayan%3F-_An_Investigation_on_How_Political_Entities_Give_Rise_to_Conflict_of_Interest_Within_the_Policy-Making_Decisions_of_Akbayan_Citizens'_Action_Party.pdf)

Vince Alvic Alexis Nonato - Chit Estella Journalism Awardee, Best Thesis Awardee ('ng_Inaakbayan%3F-_An_Investigation_on_How_Political_Entities_Give_Rise_to_Conflict_of_Interest_Within_the_Policy-Making_Decisions_of_Akbayan_Citizens'_Action_Party.pdf)

Kiersnerr Gerwin Tacadena - GMA Network Excellence Award Finalist 2015

April Anne Benjamin - Philippine Daily Inquirer Excellence Award 2015

Notable Resident Members

Hazel Joy Lobres – CMC Representative to the USC 2016

Raphael Rayco - CMC-SC Journalism Representative 2016

Krysten Mariann Boado - Editor-in-Chief, Tinig ng Plaridel

Karen Ann Macalalad - Editor-in-Chief, Philippine Collegian

Executive Committee 2017-2018


Mark Kevin Reginio

Vice Chairperson for Internal Affairs

Andrea Jobelle Adan

Vice Chairperson for External Affairs

Alliyah Marie Villeza

Vice Chairperson for Information and Research

Jefferson Losito

Vice Chairperson for Membership

Abigail Zara

Vice Chairperson for Finance

Carlos Alejandro Dimailig

Vice Chairperson for Education

Ratziel San Juan

Vice Chairperson for Publicity

Inna Christine Cabel


2015 UP CMC Most Outstanding Organization

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