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  • aircon (split-type)

Data Center

  • KVM

Multimedia production

  • com (for cam-to-cam operation)
  • Mackie portable audio mixer
  • signal processor
  • lavalier mic sets
  • snake wires
  • LED lighting
  • boom mic

To replace training computers acquired in 2003:

  • 48 computers for (among others) training on audio-video production - like this

To run video production in HD and replace old ones:

  • 2 HD projectors like this
  • 2 HD video cameras
  • 2 HD monitor
  • 2 audio headsets like this
  • 1 camera light like this
  • 2 heavy duty tripods like this
  • 1 set studio lights
  • set microphones

For backup:

  • RAID backup/fileserver server like this

For productivity:

For Training Room Workstations:

* LGA775 socket Motherboard (with built-in Video/Sound/LAN), prefferably Asus or MSI
* Intel Celeron Processor 2.0 GHz (LGA775 socket)
* 2GB DDR2 memory preferrably Kingston or PQI
* DVD/RW SATA optical drive, preferrably Samsung or Lite-on
* 320 GB SATA Hard Drive, preferrably Seagate or Western Digital
* Samsung SyncMaster 644nw 15" LCD monitor
* A4-tech Keyboard and Mouse
* Headset, prefferably "A4-tech HS-5P"

For inter-connectivity:

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