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Dantes, A.R.C. (2014). YOUR STYLE HANDBOOK: A Study on the Influence of Fashion Blogs on the Fashion Clothing Involvement of Filipino Female Undergraduate Students Aged 16 to 24 Years from Katipunan Area Campuses and Universities within U-Belt Manila, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

This study was aimed to determine how exposure to fashion blogs influence the fashion clothing involvement (fashion innovativeness, fashion interpersonal communication, fashion interest, fashion knowledge and fashion awareness) of young adult Filipino women. Anchored on Media Systems Dependency Theory and Uses and Gratifications Theory, this study looked into fashion blog readers’ preference in content, exposure to fashion blogs, motives for reading fashion blogs, and involvement with fashion clothing. Using a qualitative and quantitative approach, an online survey and focus group discussions with female undergraduate students, aged 16-24 years, from colleges and universities within Katipunan Quezon City and University Belt Manila were conducted.

The results of the online survey showed that majority of the respondents read fashion blogs for more than once a week. The most commonly read and sought after contents fall under General Fashion Trends or Products (i.e. latest fashion trends and product/clothing store information), Non-Clothing Information (i.e. how to articles or advices on cosmetics, hairstyles, accessories and apparel), Layout and Pictures, Street Style and Travel Photos, and Blogger’s Daily Outfits. Fashion Interest was found to be the dominant characteristic present among fashion blog readers: the respondents generally scored high in Fashion Interest. From the FGDs, it was discovered that inspiration, knowledge improvement, self-expression, entertainment and leisure are the motivations in reading fashion blogs. In general, fashion blogs aid in the improvement of one’s personal style, preference in clothes, and knowledge in fashion.

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Keywords: Fashion Blogs, Fashion Clothing Involvement, Fashion Innovativeness, Fashion Interpersonal Communication, Fashion Interest, Fashion Knowledge, Fashion Awareness, Clothing, Style, Trends

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